Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Enjoying the View.

Happy Tuesday!

So I realized today that I've been taking a lot of pictures of Saint Michael's campus over the last couple of weeks since I've been back, and that inspired me to write a post about it and share them with you all. The campus is a truly gorgeous place, and I feel like I often take it for granted and don't really take the time to stop and appreciate it enough. Saint Michael's being located in Vermont definitely has its perks, especially when it comes to scenery. Since I've lived in Vermont my whole life, I just can't get enough of those trees!

Anyway, here's a few shots I've taken over the two weeks I've been back. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

I took this the first day I was back on campus - gotta love Bergeron!

A few nights ago, we had a full moon and I couldn't resist snapping a picture. I took this using my Nikon D3200 with a really large f-stop and a really fast shutter speed in order to capture the detail without it being drown out in light.

This is one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken. I took this just last night when I went for a walk with my friend Liz. It shows the streetlight shining through the new stone arch in the Word Garden. It's massive and quite a beaut!

I took this picture today while walking back from the gym today across the 3's Field. I love the big puffy clouds we get here in Vermont!
Have you seen any amazing sights around campus and snapped pictures of them? If so, please comment on this and let me know so I can see too! Photography is one of my passions and I'm always trying to get better at it, and Saint Michael's campus is the perfect palette to expand and build upon my abilities as a photographer and an artist.

Well, it's off to the amazing world of finance again for me - hope you enjoyed these shots as much as I did! Until next time, stay fresh people of SMC, and remember to take a break from the hectic-ness of life now and then and enjoy the beautiful world around you!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Family Dinner!

Happy week two of the new semester everybody! Needless to say, I've been super busy kicking off my senior year, trying to balance 4 1/2 classes, working on the Onion River Review, Air Force commitments, going to the gym regularly, and being a blogger of course! (More to come on all of those things, I promise). But for now, I thought I'd talk about the awesome family dinner I had with a few close friends of mine at Sloane today!

For those of you who may not know, Saint Mike's has another dining hall in Sloane Hall on North Campus that you can book for reservation Tuesday - Thursday! It works the same way as if you were to swipe your knightcard at Alliot, except it's restaurant style, so you put in your orders and someone brings you the food! I'd recommend it to everyone to try at least once, plus the food is always fantastic!

Paul, Callie, and Lily looking happy and ready to eat!

Fellow blogger Kathryn Miyahira and I being goofballs! You can check out her blog here!
I call them all my family because I became really close with all of them last semester when all of my friends from my grade were studying abroad, and we've been close ever since! Our goal is to have a family dinner at Sloane every week to just chat, catch up, and enjoy some awesome food!

So if you have a close friend group, a boyfriend or girlfriend, or anyone who wants a change of pace from Alliot, you should totally check out Sloane sometime! The number is 802-654-2253, and you can call to start making reservations for the week every Tuesday at 2! You can learn more about the dining experiences offered by Saint Mike's here as well.

I hope you all have had an awesome second week, and I'll try to post something about my actual schedule of classes for the semester in my next post! Peace out.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Senior Year Move-In!

Well hey everybody! I know, it's been WAY too long since I've posted in this (you know what summer tends to do to you...), but I'm definitely back in action and ready to fill y'all in on all my happenings during my last year at Saint Michael's (wait...what?)

Okay, let's backtrack - so last week I moved into Townhouse 109 with my friends Jesse, Paul, and Danny, and so far it has been one of the greatest living situations I've ever had! I've been friends with Jesse since high school and have lived with him every year of college as some of you may already know, I met Danny my freshman year through mutual friends, and Paul and I only became friends a year ago. We all got together last semester, made the plan, and took our chances (since Paul is a junior and Jesse has junior standing in terms of credit). After all of the anticipation and stressing out over the new online housing system, we somehow ended up getting the VERY last townhouse left! It was a definitely a miracle and the 1's have been great so far!

Anyway, I'll probably make a post sometime next week about my classes and senior-year-ish things, but for this post, I thought I'd show you guys the set up of our townhouse so far! (It's a little bland and undecorated at the moment, so work with me...)

Welcome home!
A really cozy and spacious kitchen.
The boringly decorated living room (I promise it'll get better!)
My desk set up. A cluttered desk is the way to go!
So in short, being a senior and FINALLY having the opportunity to have a townhouse has been absolutely incredible. Living with some of my best friends has been so nice, but of course having a townhouse means communicating with your roommates, making a chore list, and staying on top of your meals (although I got a meal plan, so I definitely don't cook all the time). We've all been great about these kinds of things so far, so we just have to keep it up! It's definitely worth a bit of extra work and communication with people to have your own townhouse.

I hope you're all having a great first week as well! I can't wait to share more about my classes, the Air Force, future career plans, and all the crazy adventures that ensue this year.

Friday, April 25, 2014

End of the Semester.

I can't believe I haven't posted in this for almost 2 weeks...just goes to show how crazy this time of the year can be. Regardless, I'm finally making the time to get back into the swing of things, and hopefully I won't take any more long breaks like that!

Today, I just want to talk about my semester with you all and the typical feelings associated with not only ending a semester, but ending an entire school year. To be honest, I thought I wasn't going to like this semester that much. Almost my entire friend group is studying abroad or taking a semester off, which left me here at St. Michael's, feeling like I was a freshman all over again and trying to make new friends. I was worried I wasn't going to be able to because I was so attached to my old group of friends, but to my surprise, I was absolutely wrong.

This semester was a blessing in disguise to say the least. I've meet so many new and amazing people, put myself out there, become more active in the Founders Society as well as with the Drama Club, and taken the time to just explore what I truly wanted to do and where I wanted to be in my life. I worked up the courage to get the tattoos I always wanted (and I'm sure there are more to come), and I've established so many amazing relationships with people I'm sure I'll be friends with for years to come.

Meals with McKenzie and Maggie are always a good time. Since they were also my friends last semester, it's been nice to have them around!

Leena and I before giving a big presentation for my Shakespeare class. She was also around last semester, but this class has definitely brought us closer!

Zach and Kylian playing pool. I knew Zach last semester, but I met Kylian this semester - they're both pretty entertaining to say the least!

Julia and I at the opening night of Dog Sees God last month! I'm so thankful this semester brought her into my life, she's a fantastic person.

Kylian and I getting our smolder on.

Zach, Michelle, Kylian, Maggie, Julia, and Meaghan all came over to my room a month or so ago to have a Bob's Burgers viewing party! It was a blast.

Me, Ivana, and Brendan ice skating last month! Although we're all juniors, I actually only met them this semester and we've all become really close!

Paul and I eating at Olive Garden before he stayed at my place for a couple days during spring break! It's been nice having him as well since we became friends last semester.

Getting my third tattoo last month of my mother's birthday in roman numerals! 
Lily and I getting some free pancakes at iHop a while back! We became friends thought Paul and his girlfriend Kathryn, and we happened to have a class together as well!

The Drama Club crew! I'm so thankful to have met all of these great people.

Ivana, Brendan and I hitting up Burlington for some frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf!

Callie and I at iHop! I met her through Kathryn and Lily this semester.

Ivana being sassy after our photojournalism class!

A picture of the entire cast of Much Ado About Nothing that some SMC students put on downtown last night! It was incredible.
Clearly, this semester has been nothing short of amazing. While it did have its stressful and low points, those were nothing compared to all of the love I've experienced this semester from all of these incredible people.

Of course I miss my friends who are gone as well, but I don't think I would've been able to experience things quite the same if they hadn't left.

Of course there's my best friend Jesse, who took this semester off to pursue his dreams and train with the Navy. I've had so many good times with him and I can't wait until he's back!

Cait and I last semester before going out to a friend's. She's studying abroad in Ecuador this semester! I miss her so much.

Lauren and I last year at the Champlain Valley Fair. Hard to believe this was almost 2 years ago! She's studying abroad in Morocco currently and I definitely miss her zaniness!

Sheila and I at the Champlain Valley Fair last year. She's currently in London studying abroad, but she's actually coming home in about a week and I'll be able to see her when she comes to move her younger sister Maggie out for the year! I can't wait.
I'm so sorry if you read all of this because I know it's long, but this was definitely eye-opening for me to see how much has changed, how much I've grown personally, and how excited I am for my senior year at St. Michael's with both old and new friends! All it takes is putting yourself out there, and I wish I'd realized that a lot sooner.

Monday, April 14, 2014


As I'm sure you all noticed today, it was a balmy 80 degrees in Vermont! While it's normally hard for me to do much of anything to relax during the day with my schedule (especially since it's the last couple of weeks of the semester), I knew I had to find time on a gorgeous day like this one! As a reward for the harsh and relentless winter we made it out of, a few friends and I decided to go downtown to grab some frozen yogurt from a store called Orange Leaf - it was amazing!

Tank tops for once in my life! I was waiting for this for way too long.

Kathryn, Paul, Callie, and Lily enjoying their froyo on Church Street!

My messy creation - peanut butter, brownie batter, and vanilla yogurt all swirled together with cookie dough chunks, oreo pieces, and chocolate-covered pretzels. Heaven!
Needless to say, not much homework got done today, but it was definitely worth it. Sometimes, you just have to embrace the beautiful days and forget about the stress altogether, so I think I made the right choice. I'm sure I'll pay for it later, but nothing beats downtime with some close friends and good eats!

With Easter break coming up, I'll be working on my final project for photojournalism (that I will definitely share more with you all about once it starts rolling) and a 20-page research paper that I haven't started yet...wish me luck!

I hope you all did something stellar with this spectacular day as well. Happy Monday!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Hey everyone!

I know it's been a while in terms of how often I used to post, but it's definitely coming down to the wire as the end of the semester rapidly approaches and I get flooded with more and more work. On the bright side, I've been trying to enjoy the time I have left here with my friends before I'm home for the summer and having a blast!

Recently, I completed my multimedia assignment for my photojournalism class about the Masquerade Ball I went to a couple weeks ago, and it turned out beautifully! If you want to check it out, I'm going to post the video below. This is my first attempt at this sort of thing, so be easy on me!

Hope you enjoy it, and good luck with your end-of-semester madness! I'll try to post as much as possible before the end of the semester (time and workload permitting).

Happy Thursday!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

You've Got to See This.

Hey everyone! I hope you all have been having a good week and dealing with the stress and hectic-ness that is the last month of the semester well!

I know that I've been doing homework pretty much always lately, but something incredible happened in my life this week and I think it's worth sharing with you all. If you need a cuteness overload to lighten your mood, you've come to the right place.

Meet Siberian Husky puppy Bambi!

She is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

I'm in love, I think I'm going to steal her!
So this all happened one day when I was hanging out in my friend's suite and one of her suite mates dropped by with this adorable puppy! She's brought her around when I was there twice now, and I'm completely obsessed. Bambi just runs around the room barking, banging her head into things, and being the most adorable thing on the planet. I'm trying to work out a babysitting arrangement!

Well it's no surprise that I love animals, so of course I had to share Bambi with all of you! Who knows, maybe there will be more blog posts staring her in the future!

With that, I'm off to the magical land of studying once again, but it's not all bad! I've got quite a few things planned for this weekend and the coming weeks that I can't wait to tell you all about. Stay tuned!